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Vitamin B12 Injection Therapy in Brentwood, Lindenhurst, Patchogue, Long Island NY

Pediatrics of Long Island offers walk-in Vitamin B12 Injection Therapy for children with no appointment necessary.

Vitamin B12 Injection Therapy in Long Island NY

No matter your age, vitamin B12 is an essential nutrient. B12 is a requirement for your body’s brain, blood cells, nerves, and much more. If you think that your child may be deficient in vitamin B12, Pediatrics of Long Island can provide you with the insight and information you need. We are proud to offer vitamin B12 injections for children in and around Long Island, NY to help support their growth and development.

Vitamin B12 is an important vitamin for people of all ages. However, for children, it is especially important to ensure they have enough B12 to support normal, healthy development of their body and brain. B12 during the first year of life is important to support your baby as they begin to develop outside of the womb. A B12 vitamin deficiency in babies can reduce the function of their central nervous system, leading to serious problems including neurological issues, developmental delays, increased irritability, and divergence from the normal growth curve. If your baby has several of these symptoms in tandem, it may be worthwhile to consider whether a B12 deficiency is to blame.

It is important to test for and treat a B12 deficiency as soon as possible. If left untreated, a lack of B12 could lead to serious and long-lasting damage. Children may experience a B12 vitamin deficiency if they have reduced intake of the vitamin (such as if their mother has a deficiency and is breastfeeding or they are on a strict vegetarian diet), if they do not effectively absorb the nutrient, or if they have a congenital defect or disorder that effects the way their body uses B12.

There are many symptoms and signs that parents can look out for that may indicate their child has a B12 deficiency. These symptoms include, but are not limited to, hypotonia, ataxia, tingling or burning in the extremities, fatigue, weakness, and lack of appetite, macrocytosis, anemia, low blood cell or platelet count, jaundice, and hyper pigmentation of the skin. Vitamin B12 is responsible for helping maintain the health of the body’s blood cells and nerves, as well as to create the genetic DNA material found in all cells of the body. This means it plays an important role is some of the most essential functions of the body, and steps should be taken to ensure your child has healthy levels of B12 in their system throughout their development.

The experienced childhood doctors at Pediatrics of Long Island can help determine whether your child has a serious B12 deficiency, as well as what their treatment strategies should entail. For some children, B12 injections may be a simple answer that can effectively boost the amount of vitamin B12 in their system with a simple treatment that can be repeated as necessary. At our practices throughout Long Island, our medical staff understands the unique needs of children and we pride ourselves on offering medical services in an environment that is designed to reduce your child’s stress and anxiety. While we understand no child likes to receive injections, we strive to make them as comfortable as possible for you and your child.

If you live in or near Long Island, NY and are concerned about your child’s health, contact one of our convenient locations today. Our pediatricians can determine whether a B12 deficiency may be part of the problem, and if so, can provide injections to help boost your child’s B12 levels to support their brain development and total-body health.


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