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Urethral Catheterization for Children in Long Island, NY

Urethral Catheterization for Children in Long Island, NY

Urethral catheterization is a process by which tubing is inserted into the bladder via the urethra in order to facilitate the drainage of urine. Catheterization may be used in order to help diagnose certain conditions, relieve urinary retention, or accurately measure the body’s urine output. Urethral catheterization is often used for patients who have recently undergone surgery in order to allow their bladder to drain effectively while they recover in bed.

While urethral catheterization is a common practice at many hospital’s and doctor’s offices, it can still be a daunting procedure for those who have never undergone it, especially children. At Pediatrics of Long Island, we prioritize the comfort and safety of your child when performing any procedure, including when they require catheterization. Our experienced pediatricians understand the needs and concerns of parents and their children and strive to provide the highest level of care possible while creating honest communication channels that will help you and your child be totally prepared in order to reduce stress and anxiety.

Urethral catheterization is a relatively simple procedure that will require your child’s doctor to insert plastic tubing into their urethra. Catheterization is an essential component to providing comprehensive medical care, but it can leave patients feeling vulnerable and uncomfortable. If your child requires catheterization, we will first strive to explain the procedure to you and your child in as much detail as possible, so they fully understand the process. Catheterization can be an intimidating procedure for adults, and that anxiety can be exacerbated in children who are too young to fully understand what is happening. We encourage you to ask questions of your child’s pediatrician to ensure you are fully informed regarding the catheterization process.

During urethral catheterization, your child’s doctor or nurse will access the urethral opening and pass a catheter through it up into the bladder. Catheterization can cause cramping or discomfort while the hard tubing is inserted into the urethra. Catheter cramps and bladder spasms are common causes of discomfort for patients who have undergone urethral catheterization. Tears of the urethra can also occur if the catheter damages the urethra as it is being passed into the bladder. Less likely potential complications include bladder perforation and urethral stricture, which can cause damage that must be repaired surgically. Your child’s doctor can address any concerns you may have regarding catheterization and its potential side effects. While there is the potential for complication, the experienced doctors at Pediatrics of Long Island are highly trained in catheter selection and insertion in order to minimize the chance that your child will experience any negative effects.

Urethral catheterization, while a typically safe procedure, can be more difficult in very young children because their bodies, and therefore their urethra, are smaller and more difficult to navigate. That is why it is so important to make sure you see a doctor who specializes in the care of children. At Pediatrics of Long Island, each of our doctors and medical staff fully understand the needs of children. We will take the time to fully explain the catheterization procedure to you and your child in order to reduce any anxiety they may have and help make their procedure as smooth and stress-free as possible.


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