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Tuberculin Testing (PPD) in Brentwood, Lindenhurst, Patchogue of Long Island NY Areas.

Pediatrics of Long Island offers walk-in Tuberculin Tests (PPD) with no appointment necessary.

Tuberculin Testing (PPD) in Brentwood, Lindenhurst, Patchogue of Long Island NY Areas.

Tuberculosis is one of the most highly contagious diseases in the world. Globally, it is a dangerous medical threat. Thankfully, TB is relatively rare in the United States of America. However, the bacteria that causes tuberculosis can remain inactive in a person’s body for several years. Regular testing for TB is important for all healthcare workers and is recommended for patients who have a weakened immune system as the result of certain disease and medications including patients with cancer, HIV/AIDS, or those who have used steroids. You should also undergo a TB test if you have been around someone known to have tuberculosis. At Long Island Pediatrics, we are proud to offer PPD skin tests for patients who need them in a calm and welcoming office environment designed to reduce stress.

PPD stands for purified protein derivative. PPD is used to determine whether a person has contracted tuberculosis, commonly referred to simply as TB. TB is an infection caused by mycobacterium tuberculosis that can result in severe symptoms including night sweats, fever, coughing, and weight loss. TB most commonly affects a person’s lungs and their function and can be spread by breathing air into which an infected person has exhaled. It is important to remember that TB does not require any contact with bodily fluids to be transmitted, which is why you should seek out a doctor who can perform a PPD test immediately if you have been in any contact with a person who has contracted tuberculosis.

A PPD skin test is a relatively simple procedure, though it does require two office visits in order to complete. During the initial administration of your TB test, your inner forearm will be swabbed with alcohol and then you will receive a shot that contains PPD under the uppermost layer of your skin. This injection can result in a small welt, which most patients will notice disappears within a few hours. You will then need to wait between 48 and 72 hours before returning to the office to have a nurse or doctor check the area to see how you have reacted to the PPD and determine the results of your test.

If your PPD test is positive for TB, you will likely require a chest x-ray before a treatment course is decided upon. Patients who have tested positively for tuberculosis will generally require ongoing treatment for anywhere from 6-9 months. It is important to remember that tuberculosis is very rare in the United States, but if contracted, seeking medical treatment immediately is important to ensure the most effective care, as it is a serious and highly contagious disease.

If you or your child requires a PPD skin test, contact Long Island Pediatrics today. We have 3 convenient locations in Greater Brentwood, Lindenhurst and Patchogue ready to serve you and your family. We are dedicated to providing comprehensive treatment and care for newborns and adults of all ages in an office environment that is designed to help children feel at ease. We offer walk-in hours and appointments, so you can find a doctor when it best suits your busy schedule.


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