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STD Testing in Brentwood, Lindenhurst, Patchogue of Long Island NY Areas.

Pediatrics of Long Island offers discreet walk-in STD testing with no appointment necessary.

STD Testing in Brentwood, Lindenhurst, Patchogue of Long Island NY Areas.

Regular STD testing is often overlooked as an important part of continued, total-body health. At Long Island Pediatrics, we are proud to offer STD testing at all 3 of our convenient locations, where we welcome everyone from newborns to adults. All of our offices accept both appointments and walk-in patients, so we can provide you with the testing and care you need when it is convenient for you.

Testing for sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) is a simple and safe procedure. There are two common methods used for STD testing; blood and urine tests. These tests cover a broad spectrum of potential diseases, including syphilis, chlamydia, trichomoniasis, hepatitis B, HIV, and gonorrhea. At Long Island Pediatrics, we maintain our own laboratory and testing facilities onsite, making your diagnostic process as quick and efficient as possible. Instead of waiting days for your results, our lab can often provide same day results, leaving you with greater peace of mind sooner.

At Long Island Pediatrics, we believe it is important for teenagers and adults alike to have open and honest conversations about sex and sexual health. We are proud to offer STD testing in a safe and comfortable environment where your results will always be treated with confidentiality, compassion, and respect, no matter your results. We believe doctors play an important role in helping patients understand the importance of regular STD testing and sexual health. We recommend everyone undergo STD testing before beginning a new relationship, if they have more than one sexual partner, or if their partner has multiple sexual partners or has cheated. You should also be tested if you notice unusual discharge, sores, rashes, or other abnormalities in your genital area. Undiagnosed STDs can often lead to more serious health conditions including infertility and cancer, so it is important to undergo regular testing to ensure your total-body health and well-being.

If you have questions about your STD diagnosis, the experienced physicians at Long Island Pediatrics can provide you with the answers you need. We provide a wide range of comprehensive treatment services and have the knowledge and experience necessary to address any concerns you may have if you receive a positive result from your STD test. We understand that your privacy as well as your health are important to you, and we vow to treat all of our patients with the care and respect they deserve. We want our patients to feel comfortable asking any question they have, no matter how embarrassing or uncomfortable it may seem. We truly strive to create a clinical environment that is comfortable and welcoming.

If you are in need of comprehensive STD testing and live in the Long Island area, trust the experienced doctors at Long Island Pediatrics. We provide convenient testing services at all 3 of our locations in Greater Brentwood, Lindenhurst and Patchogue. Our clinics welcome patients with or without an appointment, so you can receive STD testing as quickly as possible no matter how busy your schedule is. Call us to schedule an appointment or simply walk in today.


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