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Pediatric Hearing Test in Brentwood, Lindenhurst, Patchogue of Long Island NY Areas.

Pediatrics of Long Island offers walk-in Pediatric Audiology testing service with no appointment necessary.

Pediatric Hearing Test in Brentwood, Lindenhurst, Amityville, Patchogue of Long Island NY Areas.

As one of the five major senses, hearing plays an important role in how your child will experience the world. At Long Island Pediatrics, we offer age-appropriate hearing tests for children of all ages to help you take care of your child’s total well-being. We are proud to offer two types of hearing tests that can be used to evaluate how well your child hears.

Tympanometry is a test that measures the physical movement of your child’s eardrum to determine how well their middle ear function. While tympanometry does not necessarily indicate how well your child hears sound, it does offer us insight into whether there are issues that may impact their hearing. These issues include pressure changes within the ear, fluid behind the eardrum, or even a hole in the eardrum. Because tympanometry is a test that monitors the physical aspects of your child’s ear, it can be performed on children of all ages, including newborns, to determine whether further testing or treatment may be necessary.

Audiometry cannot be performed in very young children, as it does require your child to respond to sounds and follow directions. For children under 4 years of age, they may be asked to listen to sounds and respond by performing certain actions. These actions may be designed to feel like a game and include things such as stacking blocks or throwing them. For children over 4 years, testing by audiometer typically requires them to wear headphones and respond to the sounds. Often, children will simply be asked to raise their hand when they hear a beep, making it a simple test.

Some parents may not know whether their child requires a hearing test. For many school age children, hearing tests are required or provided by their school. However, for children who are not yet school age, there are some signs that parents can look for. If your newborn does not startle at sudden loud sounds, it may indicate that a hearing test should be performed. For children who are approximately 3 months old, they will typically begin to recognize their parents’ voices, and children who are 6 months or older will normally turn their eyes toward a sound if they hear it. If your child does not exhibit these behaviors, it may be worthwhile to schedule a hearing test with your pediatrician. If your child is producing words by about 12 months of age, but you notice they have poor or limited speech or fail to respond to their name when there are other sounds, it may also indicate that a hearing test should be performed.

If you believe a hearing test is right for you child, contact Long Island Pediatrics today to schedule an appointment. Our experienced doctors can help you better understand how your child’s ears function and whether there are any steps you should take to protect or preserve their hearing. We are proud to offer auditory testing by an experienced pediatrician at all 3 of our locations in the Long Island area.


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