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Germs and Bacterial Infections Testing for Children – Brentwood, Patchogue, Lindenhurst, Long Island, New York Areas

Blood culture screening is provided to test for germs in the blood of children and help our doctors know which medicine is best to treat infections if germs are found. Call or walk into your nearest location.

Pediatric Blood Culture in Long Island, NY

What is a blood culture test?

Blood cultures are an important diagnostic tool for doctors. Blood culture tests can help your child’s pediatrician determine if there are infections in their bloodstream that may impact their overall health. These tests are especially good for determining whether your child has a systemic infection by screening their blood for yeast, fungi, or bacteria. At Pediatrics of Long Island, we are proud to offer blood culture tests for children of all ages at each of our 4 convenient locations, so you can rest assured your child is receiving the best medical care possible.

How do you know if your child has a bacterial infection?

If your child exhibits certain symptoms, their doctor may think that a blood culture test is the correct diagnostic tool to determine whether they have a systemic infection. The blood culture test will screen for specific germs that may be present in their bloodstream in order to determine the most effective treatment plan. A blood culture test may be ordered by your child’s pediatrician if they exhibit symptoms such as nausea, confusion, accelerated breathing or heart rate, fatigue, fever and chills, or reduced urination.

How do I prepare my child for a blood culture test?

A blood culture typically requires blood be drawn from two veins to be most effective. We understand that children are often frightened by the needles required to take blood, but the doctors at Pediatrics of Long Island are highly skilled and understand how to make your child as comfortable as possible, even when conducting a blood culture test. Following the blood draw, your child’s sample will be mixed with culture in the lab to increase the growth of yeast, fungi, or bacteria in the blood sample, if they are present. Most times, complete blood culture results are available within 48-72 hours. Depending on the outcome, further testing may be required.

Viral infections

Blood culture tests cannot detect a viral infection, so if your culture screening comes back negative, meaning there are no yeast, fungi, or bacteria in your blood, and a virus is suspected, a different test will need to be conducted. Following the results of your child’s blood culture test, their pediatrician may require they return to the office for treatment or further screening. Our pediatric doctors are dedicated to providing the highest quality of medical care for every child that we treat, and we use blood culture tests as one of many important diagnostic tests we can perform to help keep your child as healthy as possible.

What should I expect during a blood culture test?

It is important to ensure your child undergoes all of the screenings their doctor deems necessary. Blood infections when left untreated can cause serious complications, including sepsis. Though a blood culture test will not be the most comfortable screening procedure your child undergoes, the potential side effects are minor. When your child’s blood is drawn for a blood culture test, the most common side effect is redness or swelling at the site of the draw. However, fainting, hematoma, or infection are also possible, though very rare. If you have questions regarding your child’s blood culture test, their pediatrician will be happy to answer them and assuage your concerns.

Contact us to have your child seen for a blood culture test

If your child is sick, we know how important it is for you to help them find relief as quickly as possible. At Pediatrics of Long Island, our experienced pediatricians fully understand the needs of your child and proud to offer blood cultures as one of the many ways we can determine your child’s specific needs, so we can offer the exceptional care they require to feel their best every day.


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